About Le Trec...

Le Trec is designed to test a horse/rider combination through a range of activities. Le Trec should appeal to all sorts of riders with all sorts of horses. This is an introduction to Le Trec, with teams of 3 or 4, with the best 3 scores counting to the final score. The competition is conducted across 3 phases:

PHASE ONE – P.O.R/Orienteering, maximum 240 points
This is orienteering on horseback. You start with a map and a record card and must find your way
around the course via a number of checkpoints at pre-determined speeds. Your route map will have to be copied from the master map. You have limited time to do this before the start. You will get penalty points for not keeping to the set speeds and losing your way. There is an optimum time in which to finish as close to this time as possible. You will be asked to find marshalled check points. At the unmarshalled checkpoints you will find a special code which you will need to write down on your record card.

PHASE TWO – Control Of Paces, maximum 60 points
This phase is designed to demonstrate that the rider
can exercise a degree of influence over the horse, first in canter (without breaking into trot) and then in walk (without breaking into trot). The track is 2 metres wide and 100 metres long, and the concept is that the slower the horse travels 100m in canter and the faster in walk riding the track in reverse, the greater the marks awarded.

PHASE THREE – Obstacle Course, 10 points per obstacle
This is like riding a cross country event track but the obstacles are considerably less technical and one tackles them at a more leisurely speed! Each obstacle is worth 10 points and these are awarded for effectiveness (max 7 points) and style (max 3 points). Penalty points will be deducted for inconsiderate riding, not completing an obstacle and mistakes made during the task. You will not be eliminated if you do not complete an obstacle, just carry on! The course has to be completed in a set time, exceeding this will earn you penalty points.

The scores from all 3 phases are combined and the best 3 riders scores count to overall position.

When entering, we require name of team, name of riders and mobile phone numbers please.


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